ITV. ‘Tales from the Coast’, Robson Green

This new Series 1, Episode 1, started on 07 April 2020, and will last for 29 days. 

In this new series, Robson was recalling his previous visits to the shores of N. Devon, including Ilfracombe, Clovelly, Lundy.  

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On the 13th May 2016, he arrived by boat at Clovelly.  It was a day when there was an unfortunate cliff accident. 

A 73 year old man in a coach party deviated off the main street to enter a cottage garden thinking he could make his way down the cliff from there.  As he progressed he then became entangled in brambles and shouted for help.  The rescue started from the garden with locals, Tommy and Stephen Perham holding a rope for Adam Beani and Algis to climb down and cut him free. The coach party guide had informed them that the man was sadly suffering from an onset of dementia.  Robson Green called the Coastguard and a helicopter arrived from Wales to winch him up and land him on the beach.  It was very fortunate he was not seriously injured, and he was able to walk up the beach supported by the coastguards to rest a while.  He was then taken back to the Visitor Centre where an ambulance was waiting to take him to hospital to be checked before re-joining his coach party.

Live music at the harbour

Enjoy the sounds of live local bands this weekend. Grab a freshly poured Clovelly Cobbler and head out to the harbour.

Friday 26th July | Joy Machine – 6pm onwards

Saturday 27th July | Three Pint Rule – 7pm onwards