The Creative Christmas Tree, by Ellie Jarvis

The Creative Christmas tree on Clovelly Lime Kiln, photographed by Ellie Jarvis.  

I am involved in planning the lights project each year and this is the recycled element of part of the project. This is placed on the Lime Kiln in the harbour and made using entirely reclaimed and found materials. 
The Christmas lights were put in place by a team of volunteers from Clovelly Lifeboat Crew, with Paul Smale leading the project.
The rope and netting was found when washed up on local beaches. All of the buoys had been washed up on the shores as well. The thick black rope is so big and heavy, it took a team of people to lift it up from the beach and onto the tree.

The photo was taken whilst the tree was being built and it looks splendid at night when it’s lit up!

Creative Christmas Lights

Ellie Jarvis